About Me

You boldly enter the forum. The screen is pitch black save for a flashing cursor.

What Now?
> Type "I am a programmer"

You are immediately set upon by a pack of hungry Noobs and eaten alive...

Do you want to load your last saved digital life?
> Yes


Digital Life Loaded.

So. I guess you got here out of a need to know something more about me? Yes? Well I guess you'd better read on then....

I am a software engineer and designer by trade and have been developing software for companies for as long as I can remember. My passion is seeing what I create come to life and observing what others are able to do with my creations. I love to travel and experience new things, be that food, music or just a wondrous sight that mine eyes hath never before gazed upon. I find the secret to actually seeing what's in front of you is to try never to pre-judge. 

I started programming when I was back in school, thanks to a great computer teacher called Dr Rose. He taught me the love of programming and to see the fun in developing something from nothing but, a few lines of code and an active imagination. Later at the school computer club I learned, that games allowed you to create whole worlds and draw others into them. From then on I was hooked.

Sadly life and the need for pocket change caught up with me and I was forced to work for banks and other commercial entities for many years. Luckily I was always an independent soul and realised that doing something that doesn't make you happy is a nonsense, especially when (as far as anyone knows) you only get the one go at life. It's a source of constant frustration trying to understand why people don't get this simple reality. So I moved over to working for the likes of the BBC, Sky and other entertainment companies that caught my eye and inspired my creative mind.

I am now making it my goal to once again re-capture the joy of creation that computing and programming once gave me. I know now that the corporate world isn't where I'm going to find that spark and that joy.

As for my personality. I'd say I'm whimsical and philosophical. I've loved and lost and so have lived. I try to keep an open mind and always help when and if i can. I've faced rejection and acceptance. I seem to have only one unbending rule. Never stop being the dreamer, never stop chasing the dream and when you get to it, simply dream anew!

Consider this blog a yellowing old parchment found in the ruins of some ancient civilization. As you decipher the words written on it. I hope, if you take away anything at all, it will be this.

"Be the dreamer. Be the one who pursues and not the one who lets fade away. If you are never brave enough to chase then you will always live in regret."
- quote from...well er me I guess.

One last piece of advice before I let you get back to whatever you were doing. Money really can't buy you joy. Oh don't get me wrong. It'll get you a full belly and a nice place to lay your head. It may even get you an insincere partner to massage your ego but, you'll be empty inside. Only happiness can feed a soul and happiness comes with dreaming and pursuit of those dreams or bringing joy to others.