Friday, 18 January 2008

Indie Development for the Masses

With the introduction of XNA by microsoft, I finally decided to get back into the indie development scene. Currently I don't have the funding to quit the old day job but, I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home most of the time.

I've always loved the Zombie game genre, so decided that I may as well create a simply zombie survival game. This will be my first independent i.e. solely me involved, piece of gaming fun.

It hasn't taken me long to knock up the start of a pretty decent 3D engine. So this blog will effectively be a diary of the trials and tribulations I go through as I create my zombie game and hopefully many more games to come. I should mention that I already work in the games industry so I know a fair bit about creating AAA standard titles.

Obviously as a one man band, I'm going to have to aim as close to that standard as possible without ending up taking years to make the game. To this end I have given myself 6 months to come up with a complete game. By complete I mean that all of the game logic and functionality will be complete, even if the visual and sonic aspects are a work in progress.

Well "Onward and upward" I guess the saying is.

Incidentally. If anyone want's to follow along, I am using the following stuff to create my game. All of it is free and should be readily available to you. I've deliberately chosen to go the free route so that any profit I make (unlikely yes I know) can be plowed back into my anorexic wallet.

1. XNA Game Studio version 2.0
2. An optional creators club licence (so that I can use my xbox 360 to run the game).
3. XSI6 Mod tool.
4. Visual C# Express 7.0 (XNA currently doesn't support the 2008 version).

That's pretty much it. I have a standard PC with an NVidia card 8800GTS and a core 2 duo chip.

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