Wednesday, 29 October 2008

London Games Week

Went off to the eurogamer expo, which is on as part of the london games week. Going to go to the Microsoft event in Trafalger Square too on Saturday.

The expo gives everyone a chance to see all the latest and greatest games before they are released. I've uploaded a quick video (taken with my new flip mino I might add) to go along with this blog entry, so that you can get a look at some of the games I saw there.

I can't say I was too impressed with any of the AAA titles though and I was particularly sad to see that Resident Evil 5 is pretty much a re-skin of resident evil 4. Same moves, same animations and same plot. The much talked about companion that you get ended up being nothing more than an armed version of the girl from resi 4. Even to the point that when you seperate from her, you are essentially playing the protect ashley mission all over again.

The most suprising games I saw at the expo, were from the indie devs like myself. These games didn't have the multi-million budgets and so focused solely on the fun aspects. Speaking to my fellow indies, I got some inspiration and ideas that I may incorporate into my project. One thing that struck me was just how polished the indie stuff is becoming. I genuinely think that the two man teams are leaving the big houses way behind when it comes to gameplay and fun. Expect the big boys to start trying to poach successful indies after Community Games launches.

I'll be downloading XNA Studio 3.0 tomorrow and starting the long trek to releasedom. I'm now planning to release a few screenies soon.

Later days people.

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