Friday, 30 March 2012

Maintaining a Product

Having finished Video Poker version 1.0. I realised that I already have some ideas about how to improve it and give my minuscule buying public more value for their buck. To this end I'm going to add some new video poker rules.

So far I have looked at adding deuces wild and Jokers wild but, will likely just keep adding rules as they come to mind. Of course that means that I need to add in a new play screen to allow for the selection of the rules that you want to play under and then add in some way for you to view your stats based on the game you played.

I also now have a solid idea of what game I want to do next. It's likely to be a simple arcade style game so that I can flesh out my penny parlour into the style of those old arcades I used to marvel at when I was a kid. They had everything and then right at the back would nearly always have a Zaxxon or Gorf machine.

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