Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Peter's Penny Parlour is opening for business!

Well my first all me app has been submitted to the app store. It's a simple video poker app that uses the jacks or better rules. You even get super corny music on the title screen to make your ears bleed (thankfully you can switch this off from the options screen).

If the app makes it through submission I plan to upgrade it with additional rule sets as i go along. I think the next set will be Deuces Wild and then Jokers Wild. I noticed that I actually designed my card sprites with two spare slots for the jokers. I'm not an accomplished artist so it takes me longer to create the super heavy art than I'd like.

I think I've learned a valuable lesson too. I know when to let something go. It seems to be the point at which you are actively looking for things to change without any real reason to change them.

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