Thursday, 9 July 2009

Leaving the old behind

I always keep feeling that I really should keep this blog updated more regularly. Well now it looks like I may be getting the time to do so. Thanks to circumstances beyond my control, I am being made redundant. My old job involved working from home and they now want me to move up to manchester. Needless to say I declined the offer.

So here I am going through the motions as they make me redundant and I finally have to go look for another job.

Even though times are hard in the economic sense, I am viewing this as a possitive thing. The guy I was working with in Manchester really didn't have much of a clue about good development practices and pretty much seems to have been passing off my work as his own anyway. I'm going to spend some time getting an iPhone portfolio going and looking for a new job. It's scary but, life needs a shake up every now and again. I think I was getting complacent and starting to stagnate. This move forces me to start thinking again.

So here is to new things. To better things and to the future, whatever it holds :)

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