Friday, 27 November 2009

This independent thingy is hard!

Ok so I’m now creating games for myself and looking to subsidise my income with contract work. It’s looking ok so far, though the knots in my stomach don’t seem to want to go away just yet.

It’s all about getting those first few products out there. Once you do that, you are a real indie developer and can then start planning things around that.

Currently I’m using unity to create my masterpieces. It’s a good engine, though they recently stiched everyone who bought the basic license by suddenly making the latest version free and they have a really stupid sales policy whereby you need to but a totally unrelated product in order to even be allowed to get the iphone advanced license. Needless to say I’m not using their iphone advanced license at this time. It wouldn’t even be so bad except that the iphone stuff is 100% independent of the other stuff so why the heck do you need to buy the other stuff at all!

Sometimes companies can be rediculously stupid. Anywho back to the coding.

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