Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Back to the grind!

Ok so today, in order to get myself motivated for my next Indie project, I am starting a developer diary. As with all diaries. The trick is to simply do it. So hare goes.

Yesterday I decided to dedicate my lunch hour to actually starting a new game project. I need these distractions to keep me sane from the day to day of bug fixing and implementing other peoples ideas.

I have a basic concept that I am going to take to fruition and I've given myself three months to get a working game out there. I will be roping in the help of my good friend Jamie. He will act as impromptu game tester and critic. He's annoyingly good at finding bugs too.

So what's the plan for lunch today? Well first off a can of the old brown nectar (cola) followed by an hour of creating a simple grid system that can draw a set of pieces in a 5 * 5 grid. This grid will take up the bottom half of the screen when in the battle phase of the game. The top half of the screen (this is portrait mode currently) will display the scenario of the battle.

I will likely start this today and then get it finished this evening when I get back home. I'll add in some screenshots too if I can.

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