Thursday, 16 April 2015

Making slow progress!

Yesterday I had my first asphma annoyance for around two years. Apparently the trees are trying to kill me! Well technically their pollen is...

Anyhoo I'm back on form today so thought I'd update things as they stand.

The grid class is looking better today. I had time to think about what I wanted to do and so managed to get it all straight in my head. The initial design document is done too so I even have a concrete end goal.

The grid itself will be a 5 * 5 affair. I may have to extend it based on if the battles turn out to be too easy. I also have a symbol weighting function that causes less of a certain type of symbol to appear based on how hard or easy things need to be.

Annoyingly, while writing this, I realise that I need to make allowances for special attacks when you get pick-ups that allow it and also when the bosses and harder enemies have their own special attacks.

Looks like another session at the lunch table where I refine the design document to add this information in.

Pro Tip: Make sure you add in all of the functionality and gameplay mechanics to your design document! Even if your game is tiny and you think it doesn't need a design document. It does!!

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