Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Monday 20th April

Today I created the main title page for the game and the high score pages. I now need to hook up the scrolling score area so that it auto scrolls though the list of names on it. This is an old school rolling score area so the player has no control over it. It will just display the high scores if the player is idle for a few minutes on the title page.

I'm still trying to work out what to do for the attract mode as I want this to be retro in feel. I remember that the old arcade machines would have a rolling attract where they would show you a title page then a bout of typical game play culminating in a player death and then the high score table. This would be on a rolling loop until the player put a credit in and hit player 1.

As this is going to be ad supported I will have to have a credit scheme where the player has a pool of credits so that they can play the game. Those credits will restore over time but, watching an ad will replenish them instantly. Sounds good in principal but, will it be too frustrating for the player in practice. The balance between given credits, the rate of replenishment and the amount awarded for an ad watch will all need to be balanced carefully. 

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